Product images are the unsung heroes of our Amazon listings. In a marketplace filled up with options, Amazon seller images are often the first interaction potential customers have with your product.  Their quality and presentation can significantly impact your sales.

In this blog post, let’s find out with is ten valuable image management tips that can help you optimize your listings and outshine your competition.

10 Best Amazon Seller Images Proven Tips to Boost

Elevate Your Main Image  

Your main product image is the first impression you make on potential buyers, so make it count. While Amazon has specific guidelines, there’s room for creativity:

– Show Only the Product: Avoid clutter in the main image—no text, props, borders, or size references.
– Pure White Background: Ensure your main image has a pure white background (RGB 255, 255, 255) to make your product pop.

With this task, you can use photoshop or to remove background 100% free in 1 click only. If you are professional designer, we suggest that photoshop are perfect choice. But if you want to remove background by using smartphone, is better option.

– Close-Up and Zoomable: Make sure your product takes up at least 85% of the image frame and is zoomable for detailed viewing.
– Stay Informed: Stay updated on Amazon’s image guidelines as they can change.

10 Best Amazon Seller Images Proven Tips to Boost

Utilize All Amazon seller Images 

Don’t skimp on images. Amazon offers multiple image slots for a reason. Use them to your advantage:

– Include front, back, and packaging shots.
– Showcase benefits in the first four images.
– Use the last two slots for lifestyle images that connect with your target audience.

Size Matters  

Image size is crucial. Ensure your images are at least 1000 pixels to enable zooming. Stick to a 1:1 aspect ratio and avoid rectangular images for a professional look.

Mobile Amazon seller Images Optimization 

Optimize your images for mobile users. On mobile devices, the product title and images are above the fold. Highlight benefits and main features in additional images since shoppers might not scroll down to read bullets.

Evoke Customer Lifestyle

Know your target audience and tailor your images to their lifestyle. Use backgrounds and settings that resonate with your customer’s demographics and preferences.

Master Editing Tool 

Use Photoshop cautiously. Watch out for shadows and ensure accurate scaling of props. Avoid Photoshop fails that could mislead customers or affect product size perception.

Besides, with main image that you have to use transparent background.

Eliminate Typos 

Proofread image copy to avoid embarrassing typos. Use tools like Grammarly or involve trusted individuals for a thorough check.

Follow Category Requirements

Different categories have specific image rules. Stay updated and adhere to category-specific guidelines to prevent listing issues.

Leverage A+ Content

If you’re part of Amazon Brand Registry, utilize A+ Content to showcase additional images. Avoid repeating images from slots and focus on providing in-depth information about your product.

Test and Optimize

Track your listing’s performance and conduct split testing by following this A/B Testing guidance. After that use gathered data to continuously improve your images and overall listing.

Bonus Tips for Amazon Seller Images

Know Your Goal: Every image element should serve a purpose in achieving your goal—selling more products. Be strategic with image angles and content to align with your objectives.

Include Packaging Strategically: Add packaging or graphics to your images if it enhances the aesthetics and distinguishes your product from competitors.


In conclusion, your Amazon product images should answer potential customer questions and drive conversions. From sizing to mobile optimization and diverse angles, these image management tips will help your products shine and boost sales. For expert Amazon optimization services, consider partnering with Seller Interactive to gain a competitive edge in the ecommerce market. Book a free consultation with one of our account managers today and start optimizing your Amazon listings!