– Are you tired of struggling with that unwanted background in your photos? Whether you’re a photo editing enthusiast or a web developer aiming to create transparent background images for your projects, knowing how to erase the white and cluster background in Photoshop or secret auto remove background that will be mentioned below can be a game-changer.  

In this blog post, we’ll take you through the steps to remove backgrounds in Photoshop and introduce you to an AI-powered tool called for quick and precise background removal. Also, saving your precious time and preserving your creative energy for the aspects that truly matter. 


Auto remove background from text using Photoshop

Removing Background in Photoshop

Let’s dive right in and start removing that pesky white background with Photoshop!

Step 1: Open Your Image

– Begin by launching Adobe Photoshop and opening the image you want to work on.

– Navigate to File -> Open and select your file.

Step 2: Select the Quick Selection Tool

– In the left-hand toolbar, choose the Quick Selection Tool. Alternatively, you can press the “W” key on your keyboard for the same function.

Auto Remove Background from Text using Photoshop

Using – An Auto Background Remover is an online tool that swiftly removes background clutter from images. Without any need for technical expertise, you can upload your image, and will do the rest. The result is a transparent image that can be use for different purpose. 

Auto Remove Background from Text using Photoshop

How to Remove Background on Auto Background Remover Tool –

Step 1: Choose remove background feature.  had 4 features that can assist users in image editing task included: remove background, remove objects, remove text and enhance image. 

Step 2: Upload image on or import in on by choose “Upload button”.

Step 3: Remove the Background. will use its algorithms to detect the signature and separate it from the background, the accuracy in each pixels. After that with just a few seconds, you’ll have an image with a transparent background.  

Step 4: Download the 100 HD free transparent background, once you’re satisfied. 

Benefits of using compare Photoshop

Criteria Photoshop
Price Included in Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Free
Ease of use Requires manual selection of the background to be removed Automatically removes the background in 1 click only
Processing time Depends on the complexity of the image and the hardware used Takes a few seconds. From 3 to 5s
Result quality Depends on the user’s skill and the complexity of the image Full HD output
Offline availability Available only on the device where Photoshop is installed Available online by access to website
API availability  Available Can request