In today’s digital era, capturing the perfect photo combines artistic flair with advanced technology. Notably, photo-editing apps that remove unwanted elements have revolutionized image perfection. These apps enable users to effortlessly erase imperfections, transforming ordinary shots into flawless compositions. In this review, we explore the top apps for removing objects from photos in 2024, highlighting their ability to deliver pristine results with ease. 

8 Best Apps to Remove Objects From Photos In 2024: An In-Depth

What is Object Removal?

Object removal refers to the process of digitally removing specific items, features, or elements from an image or video. This is often done to clean up visuals, enhance aesthetics, or focus attention on particular aspects of the image. 

Modern object removal techniques typically use software tools that rely on algorithms to predict and fill in the gaps left after an object is removed, often leveraging context from the surrounding areas of the image or video. These tools can range from simple clone stamp tools in photo editing software to more advanced AI-driven content-aware fill tools.

How can we remove objects from photos?
Erasing objects, blemishes, and even people from photos has long been possible with tools like Photoshop, but recent advancements have made this technology more accessible. Nowadays, anyone can remove objects from photos on their smartphone in just a few seconds, without needing any technical skills.

Most apps feature an eraser tool, which removes unwanted objects and fills the gap with new content that seamlessly blends with the surrounding pixels. Thanks to artificial intelligence, this process has become highly efficient, allowing objects to vanish without leaving any trace.

Another common method is cloning, where users manually “paint” over an unwanted object by copying content from another part of the photo. While cloning can be effective, it requires more time and skill to achieve flawless results.

8 Best Apps to Remove Objects From Photos In 2024.

Previously, eliminating unwanted objects from photos often required advanced software and significant costs. However, today, numerous free apps are available that can accomplish this task with ease.

We’ve put together a list of the top free apps for removing objects from photos that you can start using right away!

  • PhotoRoom
  • SnapEdit
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • TouchRetouch
  • YouCam Perfect
  • Snapseed
  • Pixelcut
  • PhotoDirector

1. PhotoRoom:

8 Best Apps to Remove Objects From Photos In 2024: An In-Depth

PhotoRoom can be the best app to remove objects from photos for you, notable for its clean, ad-free interface. A unique aspect of PhotoRoom is the visual effect that occurs during the object removal process: when you paint over an object to remove it, the area is highlighted in purple and accompanied by a magical flash, enhancing the overall user experience. Unlike other object removers that require you to mark all areas for removal before executing a one-click removal, PhotoRoom begins the removal process as soon as you start painting. This immediate response works well for small objects, but it can be quite cumbersome if you’re trying to remove larger sections. 


 Objects can be removed in just a few steps.

–  The fancy effects during the removal process enhance the user experience.


–  The tool starts removing objects as soon as they are painted, which can be cumbersome for larger areas.

 The tool does not automatically identify objects, requiring manual input for each removal.

 The edits often appear obvious and less natural, which can detract from the realism of the photo.

Rating: 4.8 on App Store; 4.7 on Google Play. 

2. SnapEdit:

SnapEdit stands out as a high-performing online object remover, utilizing AI technology to automatically remove objects and people from images. It is often ranked among the best for its processing results. A key advantage of SnapEdit over other tools is its AI-driven intelligent object recognition feature, which allows for easy and precise selection of objects without manual scribbling. This feature works well for recognizable items like people and trees. However, for more specific tasks like removing watermarks, manual intervention is still required. The primary downside noted so far is the presence of ads on the home screen. 


–  This app utilizes advanced AI to automatically identify and remove common objects like people and trees, simplifying the user’s task.

 SnapEdit is known for delivering superior processing results, making it one of the top choices in object removal tools.

–  It enables easy and accurate object selection, reducing the need for detailed manual input.


 While excellent for removing standard objects, it requires manual effort for more specific edits like watermarks.

–  The presence of ads on the home screen can be distracting and detract from the user experience. 

Rating: 4.9 on Appstore; 4.6 on Google Play 

3. Adobe Photoshop

8 Best Apps to Remove Objects From Photos In 2024: An In-Depth

Adobe Photoshop is renowned as one of the most comprehensive images editing tools available, offering an extensive array of features that cater to photo editing and graphic design. This makes it the preferred choice for professionals and those proficient in digital editing techniques. 


Photoshop can precisely identify and manipulate the shapes of selected objects, allowing for meticulous editing.

–  The images processed with Photoshop maintain a natural appearance, showcasing the software’s advanced capabilities.

 The array of tools available in Photoshop enables users to easily achieve a wide range of visual effects and edits.


–  Utilizing Photoshop can be both time-consuming and costly, which may be a deterrent for casual users or those on a tight budget.

–  Despite its powerful features, such as Content-Aware Fill, mastering Photoshop requires significant skill and practice, making it challenging for beginners.

Rating: 4.4 on Google Play Store; 4.6 on Appstore 

4. TouchRetouch

8 Best Apps to Remove Objects From Photos In 2024: An In-Depth

TouchRetouch is an effective mobile app designed for photo editing, particularly excelling in the removal of unwanted objects from images. The app offers a straightforward and user-friendly interface, enabling users to quickly delete any distracting elements from their photos with just a few taps, enhancing the overall composition.


  The app is straightforward to learn and use, making it accessible for users of all skill levels.

–  TouchRetouch can handle a wide variety of picture formats, allowing users to edit a broad range of images.


 The app may not perform as effectively when the background of the photo is complex, making object removal less seamless.

–  TouchRetouch focuses solely on removing unwanted objects. It lacks features for adjusting other aspects of a photo, such as lighting, sharpness, and contrast.

Rating: 4.8 of App Store; 4.7 of Google Play Store

5. YouCam Perfect 

8 Best Apps to Remove Objects From Photos In 2024: An In-Depth

YouCam Perfect stands out in 2024 as a top AI object removal app, renowned for its exceptionally natural results. Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence, the app enables quick and effortless photo editing by seamlessly removing unwanted objects.


Offers a full suite of editing tools, including skin smoothers, eye bag removers, and various beautification levels for enhancing selfies.

–  Features like instant beautification effects for photos and videos, which streamline the editing process.

–  The app is easy to use, quickly opens the viewfinder, and automatically displays editing options.


–  The free version includes ads, which can be intrusive and disrupt the user experience.

–  Many advanced features require an in-app purchase, which might not be ideal for all users.

–  The free version of the app offers limited features, compelling users to upgrade for more comprehensive tools. 

Rating: 4.8 on App Store; 4.4 on Google Play

6. Snapspeed 

8 Best Apps to Remove Objects From Photos In 2024: An In-Depth

Snapseed is a free app loaded with numerous photo editing tools that enhance photo quality and offer object removal capabilities. Although it doesn’t receive frequent updates, which might affect compatibility with newer devices, it remains a solid choice for basic editing tasks. The app includes a healing feature for removing unwanted elements from photos. While not as sophisticated as some other object removal tools, it provides an effective and straightforward solution for minor corrections, particularly when combined with adjustments to exposure and color.


–  Offers a wide array of editing tools that cover everything from basic adjustments like cropping and rotating to advanced features such as curves and RAW editing.

 Includes a healing feature for removing unwanted objects from photos, although not as advanced, it’s effective for straightforward fixes.

–  Known for its intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and use, even for beginners.

–  Unlike many free apps, Snapseed does not display ads, offering a clean, uninterrupted editing experience.

–  Being completely free, it provides significant value without any initial investment.


 The app doesn’t receive updates often, which might result in compatibility issues with newer devices or operating systems.

 While it has a healing tool, it’s not as sophisticated as those in more specialized photo editing apps, making it less effective for complex object removal.

–  Unlike some competitors, Snapseed doesn’t have built-in social media tools for direct sharing or social features within the app.

Rating: 3.6 on App Store; 4.4 on Google Play

7. Pixelcut

8 Best Apps to Remove Objects From Photos In 2024: An In-Depth

Pixelcut is an AI-driven photo editing app designed for quick and precise object and background removal. Users can easily mark unwanted elements, like photobombers, and remove them accurately from their photos. In addition to its object removal capabilities, Pixelcut offers a Batch Edit feature, enabling users to simultaneously remove backgrounds from up to 50 images, streamlining the editing process for large batches of photos.


 Pixelcut provides advanced AI-driven features, particularly effective for tasks like automatic background removal, which delivers quality results quickly.

 Offers cloud storage for images and designs and facilitates easy sharing across various platforms, enhancing user convenience and data security.

–  Supports editing multiple images at once, which is particularly useful for social media marketers and content creators.

 Available on both iOS and Android, providing a versatile editing solution for mobile users.


–  May not perform well on low-end devices, particularly when handling advanced editing features

–  The free version has usage limitations, and many of the more advanced features require a paid upgrade.

–  There are constraints on the file and image size, which might be a limitation for users dealing with large or high-resolution images.

–  While it offers multiple subscription plans, the cost might be considered high relative to the features provided for some users.

Rating: 4.7 on App Store; 4.5 on Google Play

8. PhotoDirector

8 Best Apps to Remove Objects From Photos In 2024: An In-Depth

PhotoDirector simplifies the process of removing unwanted elements from your photos, providing a range of advanced tools that extend well beyond basic object removal. The app also allows users to add dynamic animations to their photos or enhance image quality, making it a versatile choice for both casual and serious editors. Designed with ease of use in mind, PhotoDirector transforms the complex task of photo editing into a user-friendly experience, enabling you to quickly create distinctive and share-worthy images for social media without the lengthy editing process. 


–  PhotoDirector offers a comprehensive suite of editing tools, including advanced features like AI Sky Replacement and Glitch Art effects. It supports non-destructive layer-based editing, which preserves the original files.

 The interface is user-friendly, designed both for beginners and experienced users. Tools are well-organized and accessible, with presets and guided edits that simplify complex tasks.

–  This provides creative tools like slideshows and GIF creation, along with a vast library of presets and effects that cater to various artistic preferences.

–  This app offers a variety of print templates and settings, making it easy to get professional-quality prints from your edits.


–  Some users may experience input delays and slower processing times, particularly when working with complex edits or on lower-end devices.

–  The range of automatic lens correction profiles is somewhat limited, which might not cater to all types of cameras and lenses.

–  This app works with layers and is saved in a proprietary format that might not be compatible with other software.

–  While it offers a range of powerful tools, the more advanced features are locked behind a subscription plan, which might be a consideration for budget-conscious users. 

Rating: 4.6 on App Store; 4.4 on Google Play 

FAQs about editing apps to remove objects.

8 Best Apps to Remove Objects From Photos In 2024: An In-Depth

When it comes to choosing the right app for removing objects from photos, there are several key points and frequently asked questions that can help you make an informed decision:

  1. How do these apps work?

Most object removal apps use advanced AI algorithms to detect and erase unwanted elements from your photos. You typically select the object with a brush or lasso tool, and the app fills in the removed area by analyzing the surrounding pixels.

  1. What are some of the best apps for this purpose?

   – Snapseed: Offers a professional healing tool for object removal, ideal for Google users.

   – YouCam Perfect: Known for its ability to enhance selfies and remove objects, with a feature that allows you to compare before and after images.

   – TouchRetouch: Specialized for object removal, offering tools for erasing things like power lines and blemishes.

  1. Can these apps handle complex object removal?

While apps like TouchRetouch and Snapseed are quite effective, they may struggle with very complex scenes or objects that blend too seamlessly with the background. For challenging tasks, the app might require more precise manual adjustments or multiple attempts to achieve a clean result.

  1. Are there limitations to these apps?

Yes, some apps might have limitations such as the need for a subscription to access advanced features, performance issues on low-end devices, or reduced functionality in terms of editing capabilities beyond object removal.

  1. Can I use these apps on any device? 

Most object removal apps are available for both iOS and Android devices. However, the performance and features might vary slightly between platforms, so it’s worth checking if the app meets your specific needs on your device.

  1. What should I look for when choosing an object removal app?

Consider the app’s ease of use, the quality of the removal tool, whether it fits your specific needs (like removing large objects or fine-tuning details), and any additional editing features that could enhance your overall photo editing workflow. – best tool for removing objects from photos

After consulting some best apps to remove objects from photos, you still feel unsatisfied because of the complexity of usage or not wanting to download the apps. You can try a free website to remove objects from photos. That is was born and is a powerful tool that uses AI to help users easily create professional designs by removing objects, removing the background, and enhancing image quality instantly. All in 1 click and 10 seconds. Remove objects, remove background, and text, improve image quality, and allow completely free download. 

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Above is a summary of the 8 best and free-remove objects from photo apps in 2024. Furthermore, we also introduce to you a powerful tool to quickly, conveniently, and completely free, 

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