Currently, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is the most focused, developed, and applied technology in the world. Due to its ability to respond quickly and intelligently, AI is used for facial recognition, image and audio processing, as well as for important fields such as security systems and cybersecurity. This emphasizes the importance of AI. In this article, we will better understand the history of AI as well as how AI is changing the world every day.

Future technology: AI evolution and how is AI changing the world?

How is AI changing the world?

The Evolution of AI

The goal of creating non-biological intelligence has long existed, with some definitions even going back millennia. But actually, AI developed later than people know. 

Artificial intelligence began to become a field of research in the 1950s by an American computer scientist – John McCarthy, aiming to understand the nature of intelligence in living organisms, especially humans. In 1955, known as the founder of artificial intelligence, he gave the first definition of ‘AI Artificial Intelligence’. At that time, McCarthy and other scientists made the first suggestion about AI: “If humans use available information and rational thinking to solve problems and make decisions, then why can’t this be done with the help of machines?” 

The next stage of development took place in the 1970s, when the wave of computers developed strongly, computers became increasingly popular as they were equipped with faster processing speeds and were able to store more information as well as lower prices. In 1972, the logic programming language PRITAL was created. An important point that we need to pay attention to is that computers can also think abstractly, be self-aware, and achieve the ability to process natural language (Natural Language Processing). 

1980 is considered the Year of AI when the Deep Learning technique appeared. From here, the computer can gradually learn the user’s experiences and habits.

From the early 2000s until now is the milestone moment of AI. Although it was born very early, it was not until the 2000s that AI achieved important milestones and goals. After many efforts, both successes and failures, AI is now the smart tool that receives the most attention. That is why people now pay attention to how is AI changing the world. 

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How ai is changing the world

In recent years, AI has crept deeper and deeper into our lives, it is present everywhere. The most common are facial recognition tools, information search software, translation or even virtual assistants Siri and Alexa, etc. Thanks to AI, our lives become much easier. much. AI has truly changed the world.

The following are the most successful fields thanks to the development of AI:

In production 

With the development of automation, the powerful arm of AI robots, and some other production robots, the manufacturing industry benefits quite a lot. These industrial robots often work alongside humans to perform a limited number of tasks such as assembly and sorting, and predictive analytics sensors help keep equipment running smoothly. These industrial robots often work alongside humans to perform a limited number of tasks such as assembly and sorting, and predictive analytics sensors help keep equipment running smoothly. 

In improving the financial sector

Today, AI has been widely applied in financial fields, especially in investment and risk management. To predict market trends, many financial companies have used AI for analysis, thereby increasing their ability to compete with other companies. Furthermore, AI is also applied to manage risks when monitoring financial transactions. AI is also used in managing and detecting fraud and protecting users to ensure customer requests are processed.

In medicine and health protection

AI in medicine

AI in medicine

This may seem hard to believe, but AI is a powerful assistant in the medical field. AI healthcare services have been changing the way people approach medical service providers. Thanks to its ability to analyze big data, AI helps identify diseases more quickly and accurately, find and develop new drugs more effectively, and even monitor patients through virtual nursing assistants.

In education

AI in education

AI in education

AI has changed human thinking in learning and teaching methods and is also considered an educational technology trend. AI is used to analyze student learning data and provide recommendations on appropriate teaching methods and customized tests, which helps students develop learning skills more effectively. Using AI helps digitize textbooks, detect plagiarism, and gauge student emotions to help determine who is struggling or bored. Both now and in the future, AI tailors learning experiences to students’ individual needs.

In transportation

Transportation is one of the industries that will certainly benefit greatly from the development of AI. AI is used to analyze traffic data, providing suggestions to reduce traffic congestion. At the same time, it helps people optimize routes and save travel time. Transportation companies also use AI to predict vehicle maintenance status to reduce risks and costs in production and operations.

In media

AI in Media

AI in Media

Media also applies AI technology quite a lot. Companies have used AI to optimize media campaigns and create new media content. AI is used to analyze customer data to suggest appropriate and effective content and forms of communication, and AI is a capable henchman of businesses in analyzing competitors and market situations to optimize your communication strategies.

Furthermore, nowadays, AI also appears in smart image and video editing tools, which are much faster and more convenient than today’s traditional methods.

From users’ need to use AI in image editing, was born and is a powerful tool that uses AI to help users easily create professional designs by removing the background, removing objects and enhancing image quality instantly. All in 1 click and 10 seconds. Remove background, remove objects, and text, improve image quality and allow completely free download. was built for everyone, from individuals to business organizations that can be used to create quality product images on any e-commerce platform, or serve businesses. creating stunning images for social media and websites.

With, with just a few simple steps, users can easily use:

Step 1: Visit the website

Step 2: Select the service you want to use:

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Select the service

Select the service

Step 3: Select and upload your image.

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Select and upload your image.

Step 4: Choose features according to your needs and let AI do the work.

Choose features according to your needs

Choose features according to your needs

Step 5: Download images completely free in high quality.

Download images

Download images

In this article, we have shared with you the history of the formation of AI, how AI is changing the world, and introduced your app, which uses AI to edit images conveniently and quickly. This shows the intelligence and importance of AI in our lives and shows how is AI changing the world. 

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