Blurring the background can be a great way to emphasize the subject of an image. By creating a contrast between the sharpness of the subject and the blurred background, you can draw attention to specific elements within the photo. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or a design professional, mastering the art how to blur the background of a picture in photoshop.

To achieve professional-looking blurred backgrounds, follow this detailed step-wise guide on how to blur background in photoshop 2021, enhancing the subject’s focus in any image.  

How to Select the Background in Photoshop?

Before finding out how to fade an image into background photoshop, it is essential to first choose the background. There are more than 3 simple steps to blur background in photoshop for making selections in Photoshop.

To select a background in Photoshop using different tools like the Magic Wand Tool, Quick Mask, and Lasso Tool, follow these steps:

How to Select the Background in Photoshop?

How to Select the Background in Photoshop?

Magic Wand Tool

Magic Wand tool simplifies the process of isolating specific areas in an image, allowing for efficient and precise editing. By clicking on a particular color or tone within the image, the Magic Wand tool automatically selects contiguous pixels with similar attributes. 

Step 1. Open your image: Go to `File > Open` and select your image.

Step 2. Select the Magic Wand Tool: It’s located on the toolbar and looks like a magic wand. Alternatively, you can press the “W” key until it’s selected.

Magic Wand tool

Magic Wand tool

Step 3. Adjust the Tolerance: In the options bar at the top, adjust the `Tolerance` setting to control how similar the colors should be to be selected. A higher tolerance selects a broader range of colors.

Step 4. Click on the background: Click on an area of the background to make the initial selection. Hold `Shift` and click to add to the selection, or `Alt` (Option on Mac) to subtract from it.

Step 5. Refine the Edges: Go to `Select > Select and Mask` to refine the edges of your selection if needed.

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Quick Mask Mode

Quick masks in Photoshop are employed to establish or enhance selections by transforming sections of the image into a translucent red overlay, signifying the chosen area.

Step 1. Activate Quick Mask Mode: After opening your image, press the “Q” key or click the Quick Mask Mode button at the bottom of the tool palette. The icon looks like a rectangle with a circle in the middle.

Activate Quick Mask Mode

Activate Quick Mask Mode

Step 2. Use a Paint Tool: Select a brush, and paint over the background. The parts you paint will be tinted in red (or another color you’ve set for the Quick Mask Mode). Anything not covered by the mask will be selected when you exit Quick Mask Mode.

Step 3. Exit Quick Mask Mode: Press “Q” again or click the Quick Mask Mode button. The areas not covered by the mask will become your selection.

Step 4. Refine: If needed, go to `Select > Select and Mask` for further refinement.

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Lasso Tools

Regular Lasso Tool

Step 1. Select the Lasso Tool: Click on it in the toolbar or press the “L” key.

Step 2. Draw Around the Background: Click and drag to draw freeform around the background. Close the loop by connecting the end point with the starting point

Magnetic Lasso Tool

Regular Lasso Tool

Regular Lasso Tool

The magnetic lasso attempts to stick to the edge or frame of the object in the image. 

Step 1. Select Magnetic Lasso Tool: Find it under the same menu as the regular Lasso Tool.

Step 2. Click and Trace the Edges: Click on the edge of the background and then move along the edges. The tool will automatically cling to the edge as you go. Double-click to close the selection.

Step 3. Adjust the Selection: You can add to the selection by holding down the `Shift` key, or subtract by holding down the `Alt` (Option on Mac) key and using the Lasso Tool accordingly.

How to Blur the Background in Photoshop?

“How to fade image into background photoshop?” a common question that needs the answer.  These methods are used to emphasize the subject in a photo or to create a depth of field effect. 

Step-by-Step Guide how to blur image background Photoshop

Step 1. Duplicate the Original Image:

   – Begin by duplicating the image layer.

   – Rename the duplicate layer to “Foreground.”

   – Duplicate either by right-clicking or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl J (Windows) or Command J (macOS).

Step 2. Create a Selection of the Main Subject:

   – Remove the background from the main subject to prevent edge halos during the blur.

   – For the latest Photoshop version, choose Select > Subject.

  Or apply various methods available for making selections in Photoshop above 

Create a Selection of the Main Subject:

Create a Selection of the Main Subject:

Step 3. Expand the Selection:

   – Introduce a gap between the selection and the subject’s edge.

   – Choose Select > Modify > Expand.

   – Specify an appropriate pixel value for expansion and press OK. 

Expand the Selection

Expand the Selection

Step 4. Remove the Main Subject with Generative Fill:

   – Click on Generative Fill from the Taskbar.

   – Leave the prompt black and click Generate.

   – Photoshop will generate three variations to seamlessly remove the background.

Step 5. Remove the Background from the Model Layer:

   – An essential step in blurring backgrounds is removing the background from the Model layer.

   – Select the Model layer and choose Remove Background from the Taskbar.

Remove the Main Subject with Generative Fill

Remove the Main Subject with Generative Fill

Step 6. How to blur image background in photoshop with Lens Blur in Camera Raw:

   – Convert the Background layer into a Smart Object.

   – Choose Filter > Camera Raw Filter.

   – Open the Lens Blur panel and click on Apply.

   – Photoshop will focus on the center and blur the remaining background.

   – Adjust the subject’s placement if needed.

Step 7. Fine-Tune the Layer Mask:

   – While Lens Blur is effective, fine-tune the Layer Mask using the Brush tool.

   – Paint with white to reveal and black to hide pixels.

Fine-Tune the Layer Mask

Fine-Tune the Layer Mask

Step 8. Paint Hair Back Into Your Image:

   – Hide challenging pixels by painting with black on the Layer Mask.

   – Create a New Layer named “Hair.”

   – Use the Brush Tool to paint “stray hairs” for a natural appearance.

   – Sample the subject’s hair color with the Eyedropper tool for realism.

Step 9. Paint Hair with a Custom Brush:

   – If available, use a custom hair brush to paint additional hair not covered by the Layer Mask.

Step 10. Download your final result. 

Following these steps will guide you through the process of how to blur backgrounds in photoshop while maintaining a natural and professional appearance. – An Easier Free Online Photo Blurred

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Mastering background manipulation in Photoshop opens up a new world of creative possibilities. By learning how to select the background accurately, you can effectively isolate your subject and perform various adjustments. 

Tutorials how to fade image into background photoshop primary focus with professional finesse.

However, for those seeking simplicity and ease of use, provides an accessible, free online alternative to quickly remove background with minimal effort. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a burgeoning designer, these tools give you the power to transform your images into captivating pieces of art.