Product photography is essential for online sellers who want to impress their customers and boost their sales. However, it can be hard and costly to take and edit photos, especially without a professional camera or studio. Product photography requires a lot of skill and equipment

That’s why this blog post will be provide the necessary knowledge for you by show you how to create product photography using just your smartphone and this free app. No need for fancy equipment, complicated software, or hours of editing. Just follow these simple steps and you will have stunning product photos in no time. 

Step 1: Set up product photography background with optimal light

The first step is to set up your product and your background. You want to choose a background that is plain, neutral, and contrasts with your product. For example, if your product is dark, use a white or light-colored background. If your product is colorful, use a black or dark background.

You can use any surface as your background, such as a table, a wall, a sheet of paper, or a poster board. Just make sure it is clean and smooth, and that there is enough light in the room. You can also use natural light from a window or artificial light from a lamp or a flash.


Next, place your product on the background and arrange it in a way that shows its features and benefits. For example, if you are selling clothing, you can fold it neatly or hang it on a hanger. If you are selling jewelry, you can lay it flat or drape it over something. If you are selling food, you can put it on a plate or in a bowl.

Make sure there is some space around your product so that it stands out from the background. You can also add some props or accessories that complement your product and create a mood or a theme. For example, if you are selling candles, you can add some flowers or books. If you are selling coffee, you can add some cookies or a mug. 

How to create product photography by smartphone with AI?

Step 2: Use your smartphone to take photo 

The second step is to take the photo using your smartphone. You don’t need a professional camera or a tripod for this. Just hold your phone steady and make sure it is parallel to the product and the background. Besides, you can diversify your image arrangement  

You can use the default camera app on your phone or download a free app that gives you more control over the settings. For example, you can use an app like Snapseed or VSCO to adjust the exposure, focus, white balance, and other parameters.

Before you take the photo, make sure to check the following:

  • The product is in focus and clear
  • The lighting is bright and natural 
  • The colors are accurate and vibrant
  • The composition is balanced and appealing

You can also use the grid feature on your camera app to align your product and the background according to the rule of thirds. This means dividing the image into nine equal parts using two horizontal and two vertical lines, and placing the most important elements along these lines or at their intersections.

When you are happy with the preview, tap the shutter button to take the photo. You can take multiple photos from different angles and perspectives to have more options to choose from.

How to create product photography by smartphone with AI?

Step 3: Edit and finalize your image

The final step is to edit the photo using a free app that can remove the background and enhance the image quality. For this, I recommend using an app like or or you can take a look at Top 5 AI powered remover app in 2023 to automatically detect and erase the background from your photo in seconds

All you have to do is upload your photo to the app and wait for it to process it. You will see a preview of your photo with a transparent background that you can download as a PNG file. You can also adjust the edges of your product if they are not perfect. 

Alternatively, you can choose from different backgrounds that the app offers, such as solid colors, gradients, patterns, textures, scenes, or templates. You can also add text, logos, stickers, filters, effects, or frames to customize your photo further.

Once you are done editing, save your photo as a JPG file and share it on your website, social media, or online store. You have just created a professional-looking product photo in 5 seconds!

How to create product photography by smartphone with AI?


In the dynamic realm of online selling, impactful product photography is a game-changer. For many, the hurdle lies in the costs and skills associated with professional equipment and studio setups. But fear not, this guide presents a solution. Discover how to craft stunning product photos using just your smartphone and a user-friendly AI app, erasing the need for complexity in 3 steps only