GIFs have revolutionized online communication, injecting humor and emotion into our digital conversations. But can GIFs have a transparent background? However, while GIFs are incredibly versatile, one question often arises: Can GIFs be formatted with a transparent background? Or Can we remove background from gif? The answer is a resounding yes!

In this guide, let’s explore how to create, save, and modify transparent GIFs to elevate your online presence and top 5+ software or apps to remove background from gif. 

8+ Quick Methods to Remove Background from GIF

8+ Quick Methods to Remove Background from GIF

Can GIF be Formatted with a Transparent Background?

Certainly! You have two options for removing the background from each frame before creating a GIF. Firstly, you can manually edit each frame to remove the background, ensuring to save the image in either GIF or PNG format to preserve transparency.

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format, a versatile file format supporting both static and animated images. GIFs are incredibly popular on social media platforms because they effortlessly capture our attention. This is largely due to their effective utilization of our brain’s natural inclination towards motion and its tendency to prioritize faces. We are wired to expect a seamless progression of movement, where one action seamlessly leads to the next.

As the use of GIFs in design continues to evolve, there’s a growing interest in removing backgrounds from GIFs for various purposes. You can achieve this using either free or paid GIF background removal tools mentioned below, which automate the process of removing backgrounds from GIFs.

Remove Background from GIF  

Can GIF be Formatted with a Transparent Background?

How do I Save a GIF with a Transparent Background?

GIFs offer an efficient and captivating medium for visual communication in the digital realm. After creating GIFs on PowerPoint, there are a few steps to export transparent GIF background Saving. Let me guide you through the process

Step 1: Open PowerPoint and insert your media: (Tip: Adjust the dimensions of your slide via the Slide Size menu by selecting Design > Slide Size > Custom Slide Size)

Step 2: Choose your export options. Go to File > Export > Create an Animated GIF, and adjust the size/quality of your GIF and set the seconds spent on each slide

Step 3: *New* tick the option to Make Background Transparent. 

Step 4: Click the Create GIF button.

Remove Background from GIF  

Click the Create GIF button

Step 5. Within the Save As dialog box, browse to the destination where you wish to export and store your Animated GIF.

Step 6: Hit the Save button.

Step 7: Head to the designated folder and behold your creation!

How do You Remove Background from GIF on Canva and Photoshop?

Both Canva and Photoshop offer comprehensive tools to remove background from GIF. In Canva, you use the ‘Background remover’ option available in the editor toolbar. 

Follow these steps to know how to remove Background from gif on this platform:

For Canva

Step 1: Choose an image from our picture library or upload your own.

Remove Background from GIF  

Choose an image from our picture library or upload your own.

Step 2: Find the Edit Image option on the top toolbar.

Remove Background from GIF  

Find the Edit Image option on the top toolbar

Step 3: Navigate to the left side panel and select “BG Remover” from the list of options and click it to remove background of gif

Watch as the background magically disappears 

Step 4: To undo any alterations, opt for “Reset Tools” to undo all of remove background gif process or use “restore” brush to restore apart of your 

Remove Background from GIF  

Undo any alterations, opt for “Reset Tools” to undo

Step 7: Simply drag your edited picture into the desired position to complete the process.

Remove Background from GIF  

Complete the process.

For Photoshop

For Photoshop, as described above, you leverage the Magic Wand or Quick Selection tools. Ensure to always save your work as a GIF to maintain the animation and transparency. 

Follow this Adobe Photoshop tutorial:

1. Begin by opening the GIF file in Photoshop.

2. In the Layers panel, pick the frame you wish to make transparent.

3. Utilize either the Magic Wand or Quick Selection tool from the toolbar.

Remove Background from GIF  

Magic Wand or Quick Selection tool

4. Click on the background section you aim to eliminate.

5. Press the ‘Delete’ key to erase the chosen area, rendering it transparent.

Remove Background from GIF  

Press the ‘Delete’ key to erase the chosen area.

6. Repeat these steps for every frame in the GIF.

7. Save the file as a GIF to preserve both the transparency and animation.

Remove Background from GIF  

Save the file as a GIF

 Top 5+ Software or Apps for Removing GIF Backgrounds: 

1. Photoshop

Adobe’s industry-leading image and video editing software, offering robust background remover tools for GIFs

    • Pros: 
      • Robust Tools: Adobe Photoshop is an industry-leading software with powerful background removal tools. It provides precise control over the removal process.
      • Advanced Editing: Beyond background removal, Photoshop offers extensive image editing capabilities.
      • Professional Output: Ideal for high-quality, professional results.
    • Cons:
      • Learning Curve: Photoshop can be complex for beginners.
      • Cost: It requires a subscription or one-time purchase.
      • Resource-Intensive: May be slow on less powerful systems.

2. Canva

An easy-to-use design platform with a built-in GIF maker and background remover.

        • Pros:
          • User-Friendly: Canva is easy to use, making it accessible for beginners.
          • Built-In GIF Maker: Simplifies the process of creating GIFs.
          • Online and Collaborative: Works well for collaborative projects.
        • Cons:
          • Limited Advanced Features: Not as robust as Photoshop.
          • Template-Based: Customization options may be restricted.


Create professional designs by removing backgrounds, erasing unwanted objects, and enhancing image quality instantly with AI. All within 1 click and 10 seconds. This tool instantly detects the subject from any image and gives you exceptionally clean cutouts. Save your time scanning for details as our AI background remover can handle vast challenging images of products

    • Pros:
      • Completely Free 
      • Specialized Tool: Designed specifically for background removal.
      • User-Friendly: Simple drag-and-drop interface.
      • Quick Results: Time saving 
    • Cons: 
      • May lack advanced editing options.

4. Unscreen

An online tool to remove background gif, also capable of handling video. Offers a drag-and-drop interface

    • Pros:
      • Automated Transparency: Unscreen automatically adjusts transparency.
      • Handles GIFs and Videos: Versatile for various media types.
      • User-Friendly: Easy to use.
    • Cons:
      • Online Tool: Requires an internet connection.
      • May Lack Advanced Controls: Not as customizable as professional software.

5. Giphy

Known for its extensive GIF library, it also allows you to create, customize and resize GIFs

    • Pros:
      • Extensive GIF Library: Great for finding existing GIFs.
      • Customization Options: Allows creating, customizing, and resizing GIFs.
      • User-Friendly: Suitable for beginners.
    • Cons:
      • Limited Editing: Not designed for extensive editing.
      • May Not Handle Complex Backgrounds: May struggle with intricate backgrounds.


6. Kapwing

An online video editing platform, providing a GIF maker and background removal for GIF animations

    • Pros:
      • Online Video Editing: Provides a GIF maker and background removal.
      • User-Friendly: Easy to navigate.
      • Collaborative: Supports teamwork.
    • Cons:
      • May Lack Advanced Features: Not as powerful as professional software.


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How to Change the Background of a GIF to White?

Remove background from GIF to white or another color on entails two primary steps: removing the original background and adding a new one. Once the background is removed as detailed earlier, you can add a new background by:

Certainly! Changing the background of a GIF to white using Adobe Photoshop involves a few steps. Let’s walk through the process:

Step 1: First, launch Adobe Photoshop and open your GIF file. Click File > Open, then pick your GIF.

Step 2: Verify the GIF’s color mode. Choose RGB Color under Image > Mode. In this stage, your GIF will be converted to RGB if it is currently in indexed color mode.

Step 3: Go to File > New to start a new document. For your new document, make sure the backdrop is translucent.

Step 4: Use Ctrl+C to copy the full GIF, then Ctrl+V to paste it into the newly created transparent document.

Step 5: Your GIF will have separate layers for each frame. It is possible to add more layers (like a layer with a white backdrop) over the GIF layers. To achieve a completely white background, all you need to do is include a white layer at the top of the layer stack.

Step 6: Once the modifications are to your satisfaction, select File > Save As.

Under GIF options, enable transparency. Choose the color you want to treat as transparent (usually white). Save your edited GIF.

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Can I remove the background of a GIF in JPEG, PNG, or MOV formats?

Yes, you can remove the background gif regardless of its original format (JPEG, PNG, or MOV). The key is to convert it back to a GIF format after the background removal process. Various image editing tools allow you to achieve this.

How to ensure the transparency of a GIF background in different web browsers?

GIFs inherently support transparency, similar to PNG. Any pixel in a GIF can be transparent, allowing you to see through to the background.

To ensure transparency across different web browsers:

Save your GIF with a transparent background using image editor tools.

Always save your work as a GIF format to maintain animation and transparency

What’s a green screen and how does it relate to background remove gif?

A green screen (also known as a chroma key) is a technique used in video and image editing. It involves filming or photographing subjects against a uniformly colored background (often green or blue). During postproduction, the green background is replaced with another image or video, creating the illusion that the subject is in a different environment. In the context of GIFs, the green screen technique can be applied to remove background gif. By replacing the green background with transparency, you can superimpose the subject onto any other background

How to remove watermarks from a GIF?

You can use some tools that help remove watermark such as suggested on the list above.  

In Summary

Creating GIFs with transparent backgrounds is crucial for enhancing your digital projects. Whether you’re using Canva, Photoshop, or other software and apps, the process involves selecting the right tools and following the steps to remove the original background and save the GIF properly. For those looking to change a GIF’s background to white, the method is similar but requires an additional step to add the white layer. With practice, anyone can master these skills and apply them to various creative endeavors.