In the realm of design, there are various scenarios where the task emerges to eliminate text from an image. Whether it’s for a graphic design project, crafting a digital collage, or enhancing a photograph, the ability to effectively remove text from image photoshop is a valuable skill for both designers and editors.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into a variety of techniques and tools that will empower you to seamlessly remove text from image photoshop and create polished, professional images. In addition, some alternative tools for beginners were suggested.

remove text from image photoshop

A Guide to Remove Text from Image Photoshop

How to Remove Text from image in Photoshop Using the Rasterize Function

Rasterize is an essential function in Adobe Photoshop that designers  use to convert vector layers into pixel-based images. Let’s discover step-by-step how this function can help in remove text from image photoshop tasks:

Step 1: Import Your File  

Let’s kick off with the basics! Open Photoshop and head to the top-left corner. Click on ‘File,’ and a panel will appear. Choose the second option, ‘Open.’ A window will pop up, allowing you to select the image you wish to remove text from image in Photoshop. This imports the file you’re ready to edit.

Step 2: Make a Copy

Once your image is imported, it’s time to create a duplicate to safeguard the original. Navigate to the layers and right-click on the image. A panel will emerge; select ‘Copy.’ You’ll notice a duplicated layer named ‘Copy’ atop the original.

Step 3: Rename the Copied Layer

To keep things organized, rename your copied layer. Right-click on it, select ‘rename,’ and provide a new name. Consider appending ‘TEXT REMOVED’ to the original file name for clarity. Click ‘Save’ to confirm.

Rename the Copied Layer

Rename the Copied Layer

Step 4: Rasterize the Layer

With both layers visible, choose the copied layer and right-click to access the tools panel. Opt for ‘Rasterize Layer’ to activate it for editing.

remove text from image photoshop

Activate rasterize the Layer

Step 5: Remove the Unwanted Text

Now, it’s time to tackle the unwanted text. Utilize the ‘Lasso’ tool for easy selection. Click around the text, then press ‘Delete’ to erase it. Alternatively, activate the ‘Eraser’ tool, adjusting its size and opacity as needed. Hover over the text area, left-click, and watch it vanish.

Step 6: Save Your Changes

Once the text is removed to your satisfaction, save your alterations. Click on ‘File’ at the top left, then choose ‘Save,’ or use the shortcut ‘Ctrl+S’ to save your progress.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully mastered the art of Photoshop removing text from images.

How to Erase Text in Photoshop Using ContentAware Fill 

Content-Aware Fill is an advanced and powerful feature in Adobe Photoshop that allows users to effortlessly remove unwanted elements or fill in missing parts of an image while preserving the natural appearance and consistency of the surrounding area. To utilize Content Aware Fill for removing text in Photoshop, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access Your Image in Photoshop

Open your desired image in Photoshop. It’s advisable to create a duplicate of the image to maintain the original integrity. Press Ctrl + J (Windows) or Command + J (Mac) to duplicate the layer.

Step 2: Select the Duplicated Layer

Rename the duplicated layer for clarity. Right-click on Layer 1 and choose the rename option. Renaming the layer helps in distinguishing it from the original. For instance, you can name it “Text Removal” or “Text Removed”. 

remove text from image photoshop

Select the Duplicated Layer

Step 3: Use the Lasso Tool for Text Selection

Access the Lasso Tool from the toolbar on the left side of the Photoshop interface. Click near the edge of the text and outline it by dragging the tool around it. Leave a slight border around the text to facilitate smoother blending of the background. 

remove text from image photoshop

Use the Lasso Tool for Text Selection

Step 4: Remove the Text

After outlining the text, proceed to remove it. Click on “Edit” and choose “Fill” from the dropdown menu, or use the shortcut Shift + F5. Select “Content Aware Fill” from the options in the Fill panel that appears. Click OK to initiate the removal process, allowing Photoshop to fill the vacant space.

remove text from image photoshop

Remove the Text

Step 5: Deselect the Image

To finalize, deselect the image by pressing Ctrl + D (Windows) or Command + D (Mac). Save the image, and we can swiftly remove text from image photoshop

By following these steps, you can effectively erase text from images using Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop.

How to Delete Text in Photoshop Using the Clone Stamp

The Clone Stamp Tool is one of the fundamental tools in Adobe Photoshop used for retouching and repairing images. It’s primarily designed to duplicate or clone parts of an image and apply them to another area. This tool is commonly used for tasks such as removing unwanted text in image. Here’s the complete guide to remove text from image photoshop using the Clone Stamp:  

Step 1: Open your image in Photoshop. Press Command+J (Mac) or Ctrl+J (Win) to first create a copy of your image.

remove text from image photoshop

Open your image in Photoshop and create a copy of your image

Step 2: Rename the copy with a distinct name to avoid confusion with the original. Consider adding “WITH TEXT REMOVED” in all caps at the end of the name. Right-click on Layer 1 and select the Rename option. Press Return (Mac) or Enter (Win) to confirm the name change.

Step 3: Select the Clone Stamp Tool

Choose the Clone Stamp Tool from the tools palette or press CTRL-S. Opt for a soft-tipped brush with a flow rate between 10 and 30 percent for optimal results. Begin with an opacity of 95 percent, adjusting as necessary.

Select the Clone Stamp Tool

Select the Clone Stamp Tool

Step 4: Access the Layers Panel

Navigate to the Layers panel and select the original layer. Drag this layer to the Create a New Layer button (symbol to the left of the trash can) or use the shortcut CTRL+J to duplicate it.

Step 5: Set Your Source Point

Position your cursor as close to the lettering as possible. Hold Alt and left-click to select your source point. This point serves as the reference for covering the text.

Step 6: Mind the Proximity to the Lettering

Avoid getting too close to the lettering, as this may result in unintentionally copying the area you’re trying to erase. Ensure the source point is appropriately positioned relative to the lettering to maintain consistent background color.

Mind the Proximity to the Lettering

Mind the Proximity to the Lettering

Step 7: Enable Aligned Sampling

Open the Options menu and select Aligned. This allows for continuous pixel sampling without resetting the sampling point. Disable Aligned when necessary, then re-enable it after selecting a new sampling point.

Step 8: Cover the Lettering

Release the Alt key and move the mouse over the lettering to be covered. Left-click to paint the source over the text, matching the lighting of the background image.

Cover the Lettering

Cover the Lettering

Step 9: Paint in Small Sections

Work in small sections to ensure a professional-looking result. Avoid large strokes that may appear blotchy. Repeat this process until the text is effectively covered.

Best Photoshop Alternative for Beginners to Get Rid of Watermark hot

If you’re new to editing, there’s no need to worry! We have an incredible solution for you to try, allowing you to complete your editing tasks in just minutes. Not only will you save time, but your edits will also look professional and polished. is a good solution for you. It’s AI-powered to automatically detect any text and objects in image.

Followed this step to know how to remove text from image in photoshop 

Step 1: Open a web browser on your computer and go to the Tap “Object” in the navigation bar.  

Step 2: On the website, use the “Upload” or “Select File” button to upload the file containing the KineMaster watermark.

remove text from image photoshop

“Upload” or “Select File” button to upload the file

Step 3: Choose “Text” and click “Done” after AI auto-detects the watermark on your image. Waiting for the result in just 3 seconds.

remove text from image photoshop

AI auto-detects the watermark on your image

Step 4: Click “Remove object” and wait for the results

Click “Remove object” and wait for the results

Click “Remove object” and wait for the results

Step 5: “Download image” or “Copy to clipboard” for more editing

“Download image” or “Copy to clipboard”

“Download image” or “Copy to clipboard”

FAQs about How to Let Text Vanish in PhotoshopFAQs about How to Let Text Vanish in Photoshop

  1. Can we Delete a layer in Photoshop once it is created?

We cannot delete a layer in Photoshop once it is created

  1. Can this be applied to faces?

Yes, Photoshop can be used on various types of visuals, including pictures, images, portraits, and landscapes. You can employ the methods mentioned above to eliminate text from faces as well. However, you’ll need to determine which method works best to avoid distorting facial features.

  1. What are some essential tools and features in Photoshop for photo editing?

Some essential tools in Photoshop for photo editing include the Crop Tool, Healing Brush Tool, Clone Stamp Tool, Adjustment Layers, and Filters. Features like layers, masks, and blending modes also play a crucial role in advanced editing.

  1. How can I create and work with layers effectively in Photoshop?

Layers allow you to stack, organize, and edit elements independently in Photoshop. You can create new layers, adjust their opacity and blending modes, group them together, and apply layer masks to control visibility and effects.

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Replace Photoshop to remove text in photos faster when using 

If you’re looking for an efficient way to remove text from image photoshop without using Photoshop. is an excellent choice. Our removal tool caters to users of all levels, providing a straightforward and effective solution. It is:

  • Fast and Easy: offers a quick and straightforward process for removing backgrounds from images. With just a few clicks, you can achieve perfect cutouts in seconds
  • AI-Powered Accuracy: The tool utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automatically identify the main objects in a picture and remove their backgrounds. This results in accurate and precise removal, even for complex images.
  • Quality Output: Despite its speed, delivers fantastic results in terms of image quality. The output images maintain clarity and realism, making them suitable for various purposes.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: You can use on both desktop computers and mobile devices, providing flexibility and convenience

In summary

Mastering the art of remove text from image photoshop can greatly enhance your editing skills and open up a world of creative possibilities. Whether you choose to utilize the rasterize function, content-aware fill, or the clone stamp tool, each technique offers its own unique approach to seamlessly erase text from your photos. For beginners, alternatives like provide user-friendly solutions with AI-powered support to help you know how to remove text in photoshop in just 3 seconds. With practice and exploration, you can confidently erase text from images, unlocking endless creative potential.

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