In the dynamic world of ecommerce, product imagery is a challenge that online store owners, digital marketers, and content creators grapple with. It’s pivotal factor in grabbing customers attention and helping drive more sales. However, subpar product images, with distracting or unclear backgrounds, often lead visitors to quickly look elsewhere. That’s why to combat this issue, savvy ecommerce businesses are embracing a solution using white background image. In this blog post, let’s discover top 7 benefits of white background in the realm of ecommerce.

Top 7 benefits of Using White Background with

Why White Backgrounds Are Your Winning Choice

Digital marketing experts advocate for white-background images, as they excel at capturing visitors’ attention and enhancing search engine rankings. Here are the top reasons why a white background is a must-have for your ecommerce store 

Showcasing your product

When we engage in online shopping, it’s noticeable that a majority of products are portrayed against white backgrounds. The rationale is simple: a plain white backdrop enhances product visibility, eliminating distractions.

Additionally, integrating text descriptions becomes a seamless process with a white background. This setup redirects customers’ focus to the product itself, enabling a more comprehensive view of its features. If your goal is to present images with minimal distractions, a white background is the optimal choice.

Fosters Brand Consistency

Building a brand’s identity necessitates maintaining consistency across all product images. Each set of photos should be meticulously planned to resonate with customers. This level of coherence can be best achieved by featuring images against white backgrounds.

Consistency lends structure to your website and ensures uniformity across your product pages. This organized appearance fosters customer trust and confidence.

Economical Solution

As an online business operator, you’re well aware of the labor-intensive and expensive nature of image editing, especially when intricate backgrounds need removal – say, for instance, detailed backdrops or fine hair strands.

Professional software or designer services can dent your budget. Alternatively, you can opt for lightweight, free AI-powered image background removal tools like, available for Android devices. It’s capable of removing backgrounds from up to 50 images at once and won’t break the bank.

Suitable for different product’s color

White background color serves as a neutral base that doesn’t interfere with the natural coloration of the product. It allows the true hues of each product to be accurately represent without any color distortion. Also, white colors provide a strong contrast to almost all color.

Top 7 benefits of Using White Background with

Enhances Color Balance

Certain products pose challenges when it comes to capturing accurate colors or appearance. A white background effectively mitigates these issues. Colors remain true, and customers gain a clear understanding of product features. However, during photo editing, it’s essential to ensure brightness for a vivid contrast against the white backdrop.

Enhances Product Cleanliness

While some individuals might believe that complex or patterned product images hold allure, the truth is, potential buyers shy away from images that overwhelm. Visitors gravitate toward simplicity and minimal distractions when perusing ecommerce offerings.  

Convey the Product Genuineness

In today’s online landscape, discerning customers rely on images and reviews to assess the quality of products. As a result, the precision and lucidity of your product visuals play a pivotal role in driving sales. White background across all your product images can effectively eliminate any distractions, ensuring your customers focus solely on your merchandise.

When to Deviate from White Backgrounds

Besides an array of benefits that white background give us such as: enhance product cleanliness, foster brand consistency, harmonize well with various marketplaces like Amazon, but they might appear monotonous on social media platforms. To entice followers, images with interactive or creative backgrounds might be more suitable.

Some remove background tools

Besides photoshop which is the most popular image editing tool nowadays, this is top 4 free remove background tools that we recommend to you after using it. 

  3. Photoroom 

You can experience it by yourself or find most suitable one based on this comparison post: vs Which is the best bg remover tool?