Nowadays, our world filled with high-resolution digital cameras and instant gratification. The charm of film photography has made a remarkable comeback. Film enthusiasts are turning to their smartphones to recreate the vintage aesthetics of yesteryears. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the top 5 film photography apps that have captured the hearts of both novice and experienced photographers alike. 

In this blog post, let’s explore Monocam, OldRoll, and Dazz Cam, among others, to see how they bring the magic of film to the digital age. To help you compare among all of these app, look at the results of each app. 

Top 5 Amazing Film Photography Apps that Everyone

Monocam – The Minimalist Marvel 

Monocam is the go-to app for those who appreciate simplicity and classic aesthetics. With a straightforward interface and an array of monochromatic filters and camera. Monocam effectively replicates the look and feel of classic black and white film photography. Its intuitive controls and minimalistic design make it a breeze to use, making it an ideal choice for beginners and experienced photographers alike.

Besides, the result of this app is having watermark. That’s sometime can piss someone off. 

Users can us to remove watermark from pictures. 

Top 5 Amazing Film Photography Apps that Everyone

Oldroll – Nostalgia at your fingertips

With 4.7 start per 141k reviews, 10M+ download on app store  OllRoll is an app that have retro texture brings you back to the 80s

OldRoll is a delightful app that takes you on a journey back in time. It offers a wide range of film emulations, from the grainy charm of vintage Kodachrome to the dreamy hues of expired Polaroid film. The app also provides customizable features, such as light leaks and dust effects, to add an authentic touch to your photos. OldRoll’s attention to detail and dedication to nostalgia make it a top choice for film enthusiasts.

Top 5 Amazing Film Photography Apps that Everyone

Dazz Cam – Unleash Your Creativity

Dazz Cam recently have 4.6 star per 17.2k reviews, 5M downloads on Google Play 

For those looking to infuse a dash of creativity into their film-inspired photography, Dazz Cam is the perfect choice. This app offers a plethora of creative tools, including multiple exposure options, light leaks, and various vintage filters. Dazz Cam allows you to experiment and push the boundaries of film aesthetics, making it an excellent choice for photographers who love to think outside the box,  Bring you back to the photography period of the 90s with romance, classic style, vintage film filter. 

Top 5 Amazing Film Photography Apps that Everyone

Kuji Cam – The Ultimate Film Experience

Kuji Cam is a feature-packed app that goes above and beyond to recreate the analog film experience. With a wide selection of film presets, date stamps, and even the ability to add realistic dust and scratches, Kuji Cam offers a comprehensive set of tools to create stunning vintage photographs. It’s a favorite among film photography enthusiasts for its authenticity and versatility.


– 180 + filters

– Tons of light leak and dust, grain bokeh, effects..

– Beautiful photo frames

– Apply filters directly in camera

– Advance editing of photos

– Kuji, KD Pro, Vintage and Black & White

– Random light leak filters applied 

Top 5 Amazing Film Photography Apps that Everyone

1967: Retro Filters & Effects – A Blast from the Past

1967 Retro Filter and Vintage Filter is application Filter photo with all the tones, grain and light leaks you would get from old school analog cameras. It takes a different approach by focusing on specific vintage years and their iconic film aesthetics. This app allows you to travel through time by applying filters and effects inspired by the 1960s and 1970s. From faded colors to vintage film grain, 1967 brings the essence of these eras to your photos, making it a standout choice for those seeking a particular retro vibe. 

Top 5 Amazing Film Photography Apps that Everyone


Film photography apps like Monocam, OldRoll, Dazz Cam, Kuji Cam, and 1967 have revolutionized the way we capture and relive the nostalgia of analog photography in the digital age. Whether you prefer the simplicity of black and white or the creative possibilities of vintage film, these apps offer something for everyone. So, grab your smartphone, install one of these fantastic apps, and embark on a journey to capture the past, one frame at a time. Happy shooting!